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    Hi guys! We are Scott and Emily. 

     We have been together for over 5 years and just got married! Disney has been a common love for both of us from the beginning! Emily grew up going to the parks every year and although Scott didn't start visiting the parks until 2012, he grew up watching all the classic movies. We are annual pass holders and try to take Disney trips as often as we can. Living in Charlotte, NC (about 8 hours away) it's hard to go as much as we would like to but that's a big reason we started designing our own shirts!
    Our love for Disney goes beyond just vacationing. We enjoy showing our "Disney side" in our every day lives as well. Which is why you'll find our shirts are subtle and fun ways to show off your favorite characters, attractions and treats. We wanted to offer both girls and guys options that are comfortable, light, unique and will stand out from the standard selection you'll find in the gift shops. 
    Speaking of unique Disney style, that was our goal when we launched our custom mouse ears in August of 2015. Emily has always loved wearing mouse ears (because she LOVES Minnie!) but the standard kind hurts her head. So we created a new style that is lightweight, flexible and comfortable to wear all day long. She even forgets she has them on! But what started as a fun little idea grew into a massive success! We are continually BLOWN AWAY by the incredible support, excitement and love we get from our customers and the Disney community both online and across the world. Creating one-of-a-kind ears and shirts is more than just a business for us, it brings us joy to add extra magic to your trips and lives. 
    We're so thankful you are here on our site, we appreciate each and every one of you!


    Here's a few of our personal favorites:
    Favorite Disney park: Magic Kingdom.
    Favorite restaurants: California Grill, Ohana, Be our Guest.
    Favorite treats: Dole whip float, Mickey ice-cream bar, Odwalla Lemonade.
    Favorite characters: Minnie, Mickey, Marie, Dug & Russel, Aladdin, Rapunzel.
    Favorite attractions: Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan's flight, Tower of Terror, POTC.
    Favorite resort: Polynesian.
    Favorite songs: Belle, What's this?, Married life (UP), Be our Guest, Part of your world.


    Thanks for stopping by! We'd love to get to know YOU! Find us on our socials so we can be online friends!
    - Scott and Emily